Poker Players Alliance Want Barack Obama’s Support

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As the Poker Players Alliance members gear up for their October 22nd-24th meeting in Washington, DC, they are looking to add one more supporter. The group has been gaining support from Congress men and women for their upcoming meeting but would love to have the 2008 Presidential candidate Barack Obama on board.

“Senator Obama is not in DC much these days,” John Pappas, Executive Director of the Poker Players Alliance. But we are working to try to meet with someone from Senator Obama’s staff.”

Obama has been in the news lately about his interest and love of poker. He started playing poker in 1997 with fellow Democrats and even Republicans. They had a good time playing low stake poker and just shooting the breeze. “It’s a fun way for people to relax and share stories and give each other a hard time over friendly competition,” Obama said by e-mail. “In Springfield, it was a way to get to know other senators — including Republicans.”

Pappas, who has been trying to get in contact with Obama, told that 100 members of the Poker Players Alliance would be in attendance in Washington. And ten of those people are professional poker players. Several meetings will be held with different politicians that represent certain districts.

The Poker Players Alliance has been working very closely with Congressman and Representatives to try and get the UIGEA overturned. Florida Representative Robert Wexler, who will be attending the meetings, has introduced a Poker and Skill Gaming Protection Act. Congressman Barney Frank has also introduced legislation that will help change the UIGEA. A spokesman for Mr. Wexler had this to say on the Representatives proposed bill; “It allows Americans to play poker online as they should have every right to do, “You win and lose based on your ability and it’s a deserving distinction.”

With the help of these two political officials and several others, the Poker Players Alliance will have the support they need to press the issue of the UIGEA and possibly resolving the problem.

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