PokerStars Investigation Into WCOOP Main Event Is Over

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poker-cards.jpgPokerStars has been doing an ongoing investigation into allegations about the account of “The V0id”, who recently won the World Championship of Online Poker main event. This story has been going around various poker-discussion forums for two weeks. Stars have now confirmed that TheV0id has been disqualified and this bumps everyone who was involved up a spot.

Stars released a statement saying that the investigation into the WCOOP main event is now over. Stars determined that, based on all the evidence, the tournament winner, TheV0id, was in violation of Stars’ Terms of Service. The Terms of Service is something that every new player has to read before they can download the software to PokerStars. The new player has to agree to the terms that are laid out in this agreement or else they are not allowed to download the software. So, TheV0id has been disqualified from first place. All the other WCOOP main event prizewinners and the player who was on the bubble of 415th place, will be moved up one spot in the prize pool. The financial adjustments to reflect the revised tournament places will be made within 24 hours. Stars can not release anything else about the investigation because of confidentiality and privacy.

Among the players who will receive a significant change in their prize is the runner-up, ka$ino, who will gain an increase of over $530,000. Stars sponsored pro Vanessa ‘LadyMaverick’ Rousso will gain an extra $250,000 going from third place to second place. Nitbuster will gain an extra $75,000 going from sixth place to fifth place.

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