Pokerstars Mac v1.0a19 Deployed

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Received another update today. Another new version of the Mac client has been released. This newest version includes fixes to issues with the bet slider; makes a table move forward if action is required, and hopefully deals with the issues some people have been having with receiving automatic updates.

The final version is in clear view now, and we should see a completely stable and full featured Mac Pokerstars client soon.

One Response to “Pokerstars Mac v1.0a19 Deployed”

  1. SumWunElse

    Obvious question: Does roll out of Leopard mean that a ‘Stars client is now going to be pushed incrementally further back? I know that from a developer perspective, the real upside to Leopard will come when new versions of familiar apps (Final Cut, etc) roll out and take advantage of Leopard’s new features. A poker client doesn’t seem nearly so high-end, so I would expect (hope for?) there to be little to no effect here…

    But then again we know that ‘Stars is slow to roll stuff until they’re absolutely sure that they “have it right” to begin with.

    C’mon PokerStars, I’m looking for an excuse to buy a Mac here…help me out… 🙂


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