888.com at it Again, Now Partnering with Airlines

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888.com will be adding a new method of advertisement to their brand next year by launching casinos aboard airplanes. Yes you read that correct, casinos on airplanes. Next year airlines such as British Airways, Cathay Pacific, and Singapore Airlines will have casinos aboard their aircrafts. Passengers will be able to play online and place bets during poker, roulette and blackjack. Other airlines are said to be signing up in the near future as well.

Many people that are anti-gambling have criticized the move. Gamcare, a charity that help addicts, had a spokesman state: “Clearly these games will attract people sitting on a flight for hours on end who don’t normally bother with betting online. “There is a real danger that people who don’t normally take an interest in gambling will be attracted to this service. “The increasingly liberal laws are leading to a rise in the number of people becoming addicted to betting.”

888.com will be the company providing the online gambling casinos and passengers will be able to access the internet through their in-flight TV screens. 888.com will provide the customers a place to use their credit cards for bets. Gigi Levy, of 888.com, said: “This will attract more players in more places every day.”
Gamcare has said to 888.com that they hope they will limit the amount players can bet and a time limit on game play. This may keep players from becoming addicted or at least moderate their gambling.

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