Another Seat Awarded For The Tournament Titan

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Out of 20 players, “Doemstedt” is the 19th player who has been lucky enough to receive a seat of The Tournament Titan. This one million dollar table only has room for 20 players so this skilled online poker player is thrilled to have won a spot.“Doemstedt” won the seat by collecting the most points from ring games and tournaments of Titan’s during the time frame of September 9th through October 31st. At least $25,000 is guaranteed for the player even though there is a great chance of winning a lot more then that with a prize pool at one million dollars.

Currently running from November 1st through December 5th is Titan’s final Tournament Titan Points Race. This is where the a gold or higher VIP member will get their chance at the 20th, and last, seat for the chance at the million.

And even if you don’t come in first place during the points race, you still have a shot at willing a number of cash prizes that are being dealt out to players who end up on a “hot spot”. You certainly don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to win some nice cash prizes.

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