Boris Becker Joins The PokerStars Team

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pokerstars_logo.gifBoris Becker, who some people know him as Boom Boom and other people call him Baron von Slam, is bringing is considerable poker talent to

After many years of playing poker recreationally, Becker is becoming part of the PokerStars team with the intent of bringing his game to the next level.

Becker has said that when he was still playing tennis professionally, he started learning to play poker casually in-between games because he said that it helped him improve his concentration. He went on to say that now he wants to make his poker skills better and he also wants to challenge himself to become really competitive at the highest levels that poker has to offer.

Becker is joining the best team to accomplish those two goals. PokerStars team has some of the most elite poker talent in the world, which includes Joe Hachem, Daniel Negreanu and fellow German Katja Thater. So, Becker will learn a lot about poker from all of these pros.

It will be seen if a strong tennis game can be translated into poker. Becker has already pointed out though that the strategy, psychology, and decision-making under pressure in tennis could definitely be seen as very good skills to have when it comes to poker. These skills could be very big assets for Becker.

Becker has already gone through a very intense poker training regiment that of course featured some of the best poker teachers that anyone could have, which were Barry Greenstein and the Negreanu, who was mentioned earlier. Now the German is looking forward to his first stop on the European Poker Tour. Becker is planning on playing at the European Poker Tour Dortmund in his home country of Germany and then the European Poker Tour Grand Final in Monte Carlo next spring. Becker hopefully will be ready for both of those stops.

Becker is known to be one of the greatest players in tennis history. He is a six-time Grand Slam singles champion, an Olympic Gold medalist and he also has the record of being the youngest-ever winner of the men’s single title at Wimbledon at the age of 17.

We will keep you informed on how Becker performs in the poker world, so stay tuned.

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