Online Poker Players to be featured on MTV True Life

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true-life-logo-1.gifIt was recently reported that the cable channel MTV is looking for people to profile for their series of real life documentaries called True Life. The show’s producers have decided to profile online gamblers and have been reaching out to the online community. The forums of 2+2 has had such activity. A confirmed MTV representative for True Life has posted an ad looking for participants.

They are looking for someone in the age group of 18-28 that live a “very distinct, unique, interesting life when juxtaposed to his or her online gambling activities”. The show True Life has won many awards in journalism and documents very serious subjects in teens and young adults. The show has had episodes ranging from cutting to obesity. The forum poster stated that the show is done in the point of view of the person being filmed and nothing is commenting or editorializing done to the piece.

This is a very interesting angle for MTV to be pursing. But with the popularity of online gambling continuing to grow it is no wonder they have joined the trend. I have watched several episodes of the True Life series and the show on online gambling, in my opinion, will most likely profile teens and young adults with online gambling problems or who are very good at the games they play. Without a doubt the show will be very interesting and will only push online gambling further into the public eye. Hopefully it will be in a good light.

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  1. RION

    THis is my IDEA!!!!! I Have been filming a documentary for TWO FUCKING YEARS WITH NO HELP~!!!!! THEY ARE SOOOO SEWED!


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