Women Rob Poker Game Stealing over $20,000

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Two women decided to rob a poker game during the early morning hours of November 1st. The robbery happened in West Virginia in Putnam County. The two woman,Kimberly Steinbrecher and Jacqueline Dennis , dressed in camouflage clothing and stole $27,000 from six men who were playing a game of poker. The women robbed the men at gunpoint.

Steinbrecher was arrested and charged with two counts of armed robbery but Dennis is still on the run. The sheriff of Putnam county Mark Smith says: “We consider this lady armed and dangerous.” Anyone in the area should be aware and be careful if they were to happen upon her.

It has not been stated exactly where the robbery occurred but the criminal complaint states that it occurred behind a bar near Hurricane called Bogey’s. Both women entered the bar, told the men to get up against the wall while the women pointed a gun at them. They told a man named John Collins to hand them a money bag which contained the $27,000. They also told the men to empty their pockets and managed to get another $80 from one of the men.

Steinbrecher was arraigned on Monday and booked into jail and bond was set. She made the $100,000 bail and was released by Tuesday afternoon. Dennis is still on the run and if seen the local police should be contacted.

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  1. John Collins

    While Jackie Dennis robbed the poker game inHurricane WV, her boyfriend was playing in the game. He says he knows nothing. Do we alllook stupid orwhat?????

  2. Amanda Lunsford

    OHHH John!!! Yes, yes, actually you ALL look stupid! LOL You may as well have just bent over and took one more for the team!!! hahahaha


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