EPT Poker Stars Caribbean Adventure Reaches Final Table

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After four days of play, the European Poker Tour’s Poker Stars Caribbean Adventure starting field has been whittled down from the original 1,136 players to a mere eight who will contest the rights to be champion at the final table. Most of the players who started the tournament are either flying home or sticking around to catch some sun in the Bahamas, their chances at winning an EPT title done. One of the more famous names to be eliminated on day four was Victor Ramdin, who exited the tournament in 25th place.

The most famous name remaining in the tournament is the man nobody wants to face, David “The Dragon” Pham. The Dragon is the reigning Card Player Player of the Year, his strong 2007 poker campaign not slowing down as the calendar switches to 2008. David Pham started the fourth day of play in the Bahamas as the chip leader and after an intense day in which he bounced from two million chips down to one million and back up to hold over seven million chips at day’s end, David Pham will go into final table play holding the chip lead, a dangerous prospect for the remaining players at the table. David Pham seems determined to win the Player of the Year Award in 2008 as well. Despite his long list of tournament success, this will be David’s first appearance at an EPT final table.

The fourth day of play began with forty players remaining and play continued until there were only eight players left to form the final table. David Pham was indeed the player to finish of day four, eliminating William Thorson in ninth place when David’s aces beat Thorson’s fours. David Pham holds the chip lead at 7,390,000 chips, and his next nearest competitor is Bertrand Grospellier, a Frenchman who is a member of Team Poker Stars. Christian Harder, a twenty year-old from Annapolis, Maryland, is the short stack, holding a mere 905,000 in chips, slighty more than half of the next smallest stack.

The speculation is that David “The Dragon” Pham and Bertrand Grospellier will play heads-up for the title. These two have the experience and the chip stacks to make them the favorites, with David being the reigning Player of the Year and Bertrand having gone far into both the EPT Baden and EPT Warsaw events, so he has plenty of momentum going for him in the European Poker Tour. Anything can happen in poker, though, and either one of these players could take a tumble in the final day, maybe even both. The final table will be very exciting to see, and if these two do go heads-up, it will make for an intense match that no one will want to miss.

All of the remaining competitors have earned a rich payday, with eight place paying $150,000. Of course, all eyes are coveting the EPT title and the first place prize money of $2,000,000.

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