Andy Black Bounces Back on Day 2 of Party Poker Premier League

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partypoker1.jpgOn Day 1 of the Party Poker Premier League Tony Guoga and Roland de Wolfe won their matches to take an early lead in the competition while reigning champion Juha Helppi and Andy Black were the big losers, finishing the day with zero points. In a tournament that is fashioned in the way the Party Poker Premier League is, there are plenty of ways to overcome a bad starts, and Andy Black found one by winning the first heat of the day.

The first heat of Day 1 saw Andy Black, Roland de Wolfe, Juha Helppi, Vicky Coren, Ian Frazer and Marcel Lüske seated at the table. Roland de Wolfe, who won his heat on Day 1 and started the day with nine points would be the first to exit on Day 2. Roland de Wolfe pushed all-in before the flop with [Ac][Qh] and faced off against Ian Frazer’s [10h][10d] for a race situation. The flop was dealt and it was [Qd][10s][4c], giving de Wolfe a pair and Frazer his set. The turn brought the [Qs], leaving de Wolfe with only one out, the last remaining queen in the deck. It did not come, as the river was [2h], and Roland de Wolfe exited with zero points.

Ian Frazer would finish as the fifth place finisher after tangling with Andy Black. Frazer held [Ah][8h] and limped before the flop, allowing Black, who was in the big blind, to check behind him with [Ad][Jh]. The flop came [Ac][Kh][6h] and both players checked. The turn turned both pairs into sets with the [As]. Black checked-raised Frazer, who then moved all-in, only to see that Black held the better kicker. Needing an eight or a heart to survive, Frazer watched in dismay as the [3d] fell on the river, sending Frazer to the rail.

Juha Helppi did not improve much on his dismal first day performance, only gaining two points with his fourth place finish. Helppi was short-stacked and pushed his remaining chips into the center with [Kh][2d] and Marcel Lüske made the easy call with [Qd][Qc]. The flop looked good for Helppi, giving him two pair with [Kc][6h][2s]. The turn brought the [9c], leaving “The Flying Dutchman” with only two outs to eliminate Helppi. The river brought the [Qs] and reversed Helppi’s success into failure, knocking him out of the match.

Lüske would make his own exit shortly after busting Helppi, finishing in third place two days in a row. Andy Black made a move by pushing all-in with [Ad][2d] and Marcel made the call with [8s][4s]. The flop came down [As][Qs][8d], giving Black a pair of aces and Marcel a flush draw. The turn was the [6c], but Marcel still had a good chance of surviving with 14 possible outs, the two remaining eights, the three remaining fours, and the nine remaining spades. None of them came on the river of [10d] and Marcel was gone.

The heads-up match between Andy Black and Vicky Coren was a quick affair, lasting only seven hands. The final hand was a lot like the hand where Black eliminated Lüske, as Coren was all-in preflop, holding [9d][7d] against Black’s [Ah][Jd]. The flop gave Black an ace and Coren a flush draw with [Ad][7s][2d]. Coren also hit her lower pair, giving her 13 outs to survive, as Black held one of the diamonds. Coren would not get any of her outs as the turn fell [Kh] and the river fell [8h].

Andy Black had earned the victory and nine points, making up for his last place finish on day 1.

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