Andy Black Emerges Victorious at Party Poker Premier League

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black2.jpgWith the conclusion of the playoffs, the final table had been set, with Tony Guoga, Andy Black, Alex Kravchenko, Marcel Lüske, Roland de Wolfe and Annie Duke fighting it out for the honor of becoming champion, as well as for the money that went with it.

Excitement was in the air as play began, and chips were flying around the table as the players jockeyed for position. After forty-nine hands of play, the first elimination occurred. Annie Duke reraised Alex Kravchenko all-in with [Ad][Jh] and Kravchenko made the call with [8s][7s]. The flop fell [Qd][Qh][5h], no help for Kravchenko. The turn of [10s] was also no help, but on the river of [7d], Kravchenko made a pair to eliminate Annie Duke from the tournament. Annie would leave with $20,000 for making the final table.

Marcel Lüske would end up in fifth place, earning $30,000. Lüske had pushed all-in with [Qc][8d] and was called by Roland de Wolfe, who was holding [7c][7d]. After a board reading [Jh][9h][4c][6d][6c], Marcel was eliminated, having not gotten any of the help he had needed to survive.

Alex Kravchenko found himself looking at pocket queens and raised preflop. Andy Black reraised and Kravchenko moved all-in. Black made the call and showed king-high. The flop fell [9d][8s][7s], no help for Black there, but the [Ks] on the turn gave Black a better pair. The [4h] on the river confirmed Black’s victory, sending Alex Kravchenko to the rail with $40,000.

Tony Guoga, who started the final table with the chip lead would be the next to fall. Roland de Wolfe picked up [Kc][Kh] and called from the button. Tony Guoga then called with [9h][7h] and Andy Black checked his big blind with [10c][7s]. The flop fell [Qs][6h][5h] and both Guoga and Black checked. Roland de Wolfe then bet with his pocket kings and Tony Guoga raised all-in with his straight flush draw. Black folded and the hands were revealed. Tony Guoga could not pick up an eight or a heart, with the turn falling [10d] and the river falling [3s]. Tony Guoga was eliminated in third place, earning $60,000.

The Party Poker Premier League would now be decided by a heads-up between Andy Black and Roland de Wolfe. Roland de Wolfe held a slight chip lead going into heads-up play, but in the end, it would be Andy Black who stood as champion. On the last hand of play, Roland de Wolfe held [Qs][6c] and checked to see a free flop after Andy Black called. The flop fell [8s][6h][4h], giving de Wolfe a pair. Roland de Wolfe would check-raise Andy Black all-in, but would be appalled when Black showed [Kc][Kd]. The [8d] on the turn and the [2h] on the river did not help de Wolfe, who would take home $120,000 for his runner-up finish.

Andy Black was the champion of the 2008 Party Poker Premier League and had won $250,000 for his excellent performances over a full week of play.

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