Ben Hock Emerges as the Victor at WSOP-C Council Bluffs

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poker3.jpgBen Hock was the underdog heading into heads-up play Michael Martin, who had been the chip leader throughout the finaly table, but he overcame his disadvantage to capture the tournament, the championship ring, an entry into the 2008 World Series Of Poker Main Event, and most importantly of all, the first place prize money.

Howard Wolper, who had been the chip leader on day 1, made it to the final table as the short stack. He would go no further as he was eliminated in ninth place. Wolper moved all-in with [Ad][2c] and was called by Michael Martin, who was holding [3d][3h]. Martin’s pocket threes would endure as the board came out [Kd][9s][4s][10d][Qd] and Wolper would head to the rail, richer by $14,508.

Ron Koenemann was the next to fall. Bernard Lee had raised preflop with [Qc][Qs] and Koenemann pushed the rest of his chips in with [Ah][6h]. Lee called instantaneously, and the two saw the community cards fall [Jc][9d][5c][8d][2d], giving no help to the imperiled Koenemann. Koenemann left in eighth place with $18,766.

Dan Jensen was holding live cards when he moved all-in with his [Kh][Jd] against the [Ac][Qs] of Keith Murrell. However, he still needed help if he wanted to survive. The flop of [8d][3d][3c] brought no help, and neither did the turn of [6d] or the river of [4s]. Dan Jensen earned $23,981 for his seventh place finish.

When Samuel Shamburg made his move, he found himself having to survive not one, but two callers, as both Ben Hock and Bernard Lee called the all-in bet. The two were content to check the hand down and did so on a board of [Jh][4d][2s][10s][9s]. Ben Hock turned over his hand of pocket queens and Lee showed big slick before mucking his cards. Shamburg mucked his cards and left the table in sixth place, earning $28,582.

Keith Murrell was ahead when he pushed his last chips into the pot while holding [Ah][Ks] and found a caller in Michael Martin and his [Js][8c]. However, Murrell’s lead would disintegrate on a flop of [10d][10h][8d] when Martin hit his eight. The [2s] fell on the turn and the [9c] fell on the river, neither card giving Murrell the pair he needed to survive. Murrell was eliminated, picking up $33,273 for his fifth place finish.

Bernard Lee would head to the rail when his [Qs][Jd] could not overcome the [As][5s] of Michael Martin. Martin’s ace would be the deciding card after two pair fell on a board of [Kc][8s][3c][Kd][3s]. Lee would take home $37,6955 after finishing in fourth place.

Nicholas Manganaro would follow Lee to rail when he moved all-in with [Jc][10c] and faced off against Michael Martin’s [Kd][5d]. The board would help neither player, and Martin’s king-high would take the pot and eliminate Manganaro in third place. Manganaro’s performance would be worth $52,039.

Michael Martin held a slim chip lead over Ben Hock when heads-up play began, and would soon see that lead disappear when Hock’s aggressive play earned him a plethora of minor pots. The tournament would end after the two players saw a seemingly unremarkable flop of [10h][6s][3h]. Hock checked to Martin, who responded with a bet. Hock called and the two saw the [7c] fall on the turn. Hock checked to Martin, who once again bet. This time Hock check-raised Martin, who responded by moving all-in. Hock called and revealed his [10c][6c] for two pair. It was not over yet, though, as Martin showed [8h][4h] for a flush draw and a gutshot straight draw. The river card of [3c] dashed Martin’s hopes and gave the tournament to Ben Hock.

Michael Martin earned $94,263 for his runner-up finish while Ben Hock would take home the grand prize of $169,327.

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