Bodog Poker Open Coming in March

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bodog.jpgBodog Poker has announced that they are forming a series of Texas Holdem tournaments known as the Bodog Poker Open and that the first event of the annual Poker Open will be held on March 3rd, with five more events to come, concluding in the Bodog Poker Open Main Event on March 9th. A total of six events will be played, one event each day except for March 8th, which will be devoted entirely to having Bodog players win their entries into the Main Event via satellite play.

The prize pools will be high for the tournaments, as Bodog Poker is throwing their own money into the pot to make the tournaments even more enticing. The winner of the Main Event will receive an additional award, as Bodog will give the champion an Omega Speed Master Watch, which is valued at $4,400.

The Bodog Poker Open is only six tournaments, but it is possible that Bodog Poker will consider expanding the series for following years. This year all of the tournaments are Texas Holdem tournaments, but cover almost every variety of Holdem. The buy-ins range from $100 + $10 up to $470 + $30 Main Event.

The schedule for the 2008 Bodog Poker Open is as follows:

March 3 – $250 + $20 No Limit Holdem

March 4 – $300 + $25 6-Handed No Limit Holdem

March 5 – $100 + $10 No Limit Holdem With Rebuys

March 6 – $200 + $15 Pot Limit Holdem

March 7 – $150 + $10 Limit Holdem

March 9 – $470 + $30 No Limit Holdem Main Event

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