Card Player Introduces Spade Club Risk-Free Poker Software

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spadeclub.JPGOn Tuesday, Card Player Magazine launched their Spade Club poker software. Spade Club is a poker community that focuses on helping players improve their game. To this end, Spade Club comes with a host of poker tools, including an odds calculator and a hand helper, which will advise you on just how strong your hand is given the hand strength and number of opponents. By playing on Spade Club players will have many chances to win cash and prizes. At the end of each month there is a $40,000 freeroll where the winner will earn $10,000.

Players at Spade Club are divided into two groups, regular members and exclusive members. More features are available to exclusive members, but they come at a price of $19.99/month, or $149.95/year. The year-long package is definitely the better deal if you expect to remain a member, as it will save you close to $90 in membership fees. Exclusive members can use the hand helper and odds calculator, can also use their winnings to pay for their membership, and get a free digital subscription to Card Player Magazine.

Unlike the commercials you see on TV for Poker Stars or some other poker site, Spade Club truly is not a gambling site, as you will never put your own money into the site, unless you spring for an exclusive membership. Without putting one penny of your own money in, you can walk away with thousands of dollars in winnings. Spade Club’s entry requirements are based on current sweepstakes laws.

Spade Club is providing new ways for poker players to take advantage of their skill without having to risk money. It will be interesting to see how the site fares over the coming months.

12 Responses to “Card Player Introduces Spade Club Risk-Free Poker Software”

  1. myron rosenbaum

    I have signed up for spade club but I cannot seem to download the info needed to begin

  2. DIE78

    they just had a carplayer employee who isnt supposed to be allowed to play there win 10k so dont bother people the shiet is rigged

  3. eletmuvesz

    When you want to cash out; they wont pay you . 1st they chase you in circles, asking that your verify your account. This is delayed with their inbuilt system to refuse your verifications but after persisitent letters etc, you might get your account verified. Then they ask you to sign and send them a affidavit and copies of your licence,social security number etc. After they receive that, they delay payment until you chase it and then tell you excuses why it has not been sent; then they promise to send it again. then they find more excuses(International client etc). It has been five months that this has been unresolved – FOR A $45.00 cash out! What do they come up with if it is for more?

  4. T!

    There’s a whole lotta bad blogs about Spade club over at Railbirds too. Something about them skimming 30% off accounts claiming it’s for taxes but then they don’t report it to any tax agency. Sounds shady.

  5. raj

    What a waste of time…I regret subscribing to Cardplayer mag….horribly slow, crap software !!…and no COntact Us link!!!

  6. vincolletti

    Dont waste your time with spade club. No customer support bad software hard to cash out same players win nothing but ridiculous donk beats only 2 nightly tournaments. Pure play is way better with everything above . Took me nine months to cash out on spade club only sent one letter with documentation and got check 2 weeks later at pure


    SpadeClub withhold 30% of winnings even from UK players despite there being a Tax Treaty between the two countries!

    I can also testify that the RNG is skewed and/or rigged. Not to mention far too many loose unskilled players chasing with any two cards

  8. Rippedoff

    I have been screwed over by Spadeclub.I won a free month membership and they out right refused to honor it.They owe me $19.99. And will not pay.
    I have asked about their security,no straight answer.
    They have a 45 hand sit-out policy,45 hands can take about an hour to 1.5
    hours.They allow people to use this and win with no effort.RIGGED??
    The hand history is a total joke! The site reminds me of the original Planetpoker. In my opinion Spadeclub is not a trustworthy site.

  9. joseph armna


  10. Nottoohappy

    Spadeclub …mmm. I have never paid a dime of my own cash, but I did win 135 dollars and as a UK boy, they deducted 30%. Pureplay, won 210 dollars without a dime spent, no deduction ….mmmm, go figure for yourself. I’d hate it if I was a paying international member and won the the 30K monthly …losing 30% of 5,600 bucks !. However, I had no probs in being paid out, but with SC after I cancelled when my free month was over, they charged my CC nonetheless, lots of messages to and fro …later it was cancelled and I was refunded …but was muchos hassle 🙁
    Latest prob, win SPOY points (2010) and not credited …twice in last 3 days in 20 buck tourneys …lucky I’m not playing for that top spot eh ..if you was well errr, you’d be dissapointed.
    My advice, if you wanna free website as int. player ..go for pureplay 🙂 and if you wanna pay …Pureplay again as they don’t nick 30% 🙂

  11. Nottoohappy

    Update Spoy points: somewhere around 10th Jan …SC decided to change the 2010 ‘scoring criteria’ to the ‘top 15% only’. So they made a new ‘criteria’ effective as of Jan 1st and then changed it again some 10 days later …
    Sorry but this is ‘mickey mouse’ and not a way to run a business …now the SPOY is a total farce and completely confused ….check it out and dont waste yer money with this ‘mickey mouse outfit’.


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