EPT Dortmund Day 2 Sends Big Names Home

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CasinoDay 2 of the European Poker Tour’s Dortmund event began with 153 players hoping to win the title and the €933,600 first prize that went with it. Day 2 would continue for 131 eliminations until only 32 players remained, which brought the player field into the money as the top 40 players would be paid out.

Daniel Negreanu started Day 2 in good shape with nearly 60,000 in chips. Once again, though, Daniel showed up late, this time oversleeping and then having to carefully make his way across the room to his seat as the cameras caught his every move. Daniel would not survive to make it to the money, as Markus Tandler eliminated Daniel after both players paired one of their hole cards. Tandler’s pair was higher, and Daniel couldn’t improve to a set or make his flush, and Daniel was sent to the rail.

In a matchup of players who had eliminated former EPT champions on Day 1b, Annette Obrestad and Nicolas Levi collided their chip stacks, with only one able to survive the confrontation. The two players went all-in on a board of [As][7s][4h][8c] Levi held pocket fours for bottom set, while Obrestad held pocket aces for top set. Levi couldn’t make quads on the river and his chip stack was severely crippled. Obrestad would finish the job when she once again held pocket aces, while Levi held [Ad][Kd]. Levi could not overcome Obrestad’s pocket aces and was eliminated.

Despite her early success, Annette Obrestad would not survive the day, going out when she attempted to steal a pot with [9c][8c] and found herself up against [Ad][Kh]. Obrestad’s hand could not overcome her disadvantage and she was eliminated.

Marcel Luske, “The Flying Dutchman,” had a very good day, doubling up early to amass a huge stack. Luske raised Andreas Sarling all-in on a flop of [Kc][Kh][Qc]. Sarling went into the tank to think over his decision, but ended up calling with pocket nines. Marcel turned over [Kd][Jh] for three kings, and acquired a large portion of Sarling’s stack. Marcel would finish the day in 13th place out of 32 with 123,000 chips.

Thor Hansen was the last player to be eliminated on Day 2. Chabot Cyrille, who started Day 2 as the chip leader fell to 21st place, holding 74,700 chips when play ended. The new chip leader was Spaniard Marco Diego Perez, who held 361,600 in chips. Michael McDonald of Canada was in second with 335,700 in chips, and Claudio Rinaldi of Switzerland, who was second going into day 2, rounded out the top three with 278,700 in chips. Sebastian Till of Germany was the short stack, holding only 16,200 in chips.

The 32 remaining players will reconvene on Day 3 to fight their way to the final table.

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