Kravchenko Wins on Day 6 to Secure Final Table Seat at Party Poker Premier League

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partypoker7.jpgGoing into Day 6 of the Party Poker Premier League, only Andy Black and Tony Guoga had sewn up their spots at the final table. Roland de Wolfe and Annie Duke were in good shape, but still needed points to find their way to the final table. Day 6 would decide who went on to the final table directly, who would leave with nothing to show, and who would battle in best-of-5 heads-up playoffs to determine the final two final table spots.

In the first heat of Day 6, Vicky Coren, Annie Duke, Marcel Lüske, Alex Kravchenko, Ian Frazer, and Eddy Scharf battled for points and the final table. The first elimination would occur on the very first hand of the match. Annie Duke started the hand by raising with her [Ac][7c]. Marcel Lüske followed by reraising with his [Kc][Kd]. Ian Frazer then pushed all-in from the big blind, holding [Jh][10h]. Duke folded and Lüske made the call. The flop of [Ah][3h][3c] gave Frazer a flush draw, but the turn of [9d] and the river of [8s] would not save him and Ian Frazer was gone in last place. Also gone were his chances of making the playoffs, as Frazer was now guaranteed to fall in the final four. Frazer’s elimination also mathematically reduced Phil Hellmuth’s chances of making the playoffs to zero.

Annie Duke would finish in fifth place. Annie reraised Alex Kravchenko preflop with [7c][3c] and Alex made the call with [Ks][9s]. After a flop of [Kc][Jc][3d] Annie pushed all-in, receiving the call from Alex. The turn fell [Ad] leaving Annie with 14 outs, the nine remaining clubs, th three remaining sevens and the two remaining threes. None of them would fall on the river of [Qd] and Annie was eliminated. Annie earned one point, and that point would be enough to guarantee her a spot in the playoffs.

Alex Kravchenko would soon eliminate another player. Holding [9s][5h] on a flop of [9h][8s][6c], Alex bet enough to force Eddy Scharf all-in. Eddy made the call with [Qd][Jd] and would need some help to survive. He would not receive the help he needed as the turn came down [8d] and the river came down [5d]. Eddy earned two points for his fourth place finish, and he was also in the playoffs.

Vicky Coren would go out in third place, earning three points. Vicky moved all-in with [Ad][2s] only to be called by Alex Kravchenko’s pocket tens. The board of [Kc][6h][4d][9h][7d] did not help Vicky, and she was gone. Vicky’s fate was undetermined and she would have to watch the last match to see whether or not she was in the playoffs.

Alex Kravchenko and Marcel Lüske met in heads-up play, both hoping to get the win that would guarantee them a spot at the final table. The match ended when Lüske went all-in on the turn of a board reading [Jc][7s][3d][6h] while holding [Ks][7h]. Kravchenko called with [Qs][Jd] for the better pair. The river card was the [3c] and Kravchenko had earned the victory and a seat at the final table. Marcel Lüske was guaranteed at least a playoff spot, but could reach the final table directly if Roland de Wolfe finished in last place in the next match.

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