Marcel Lüske Back In Action At Party Poker Premier League

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luske1.jpgMacel Lüske, “The Flying Dutchman,” came into Day 5 in desperate need of a win after capturing only seven points over the first four days. Marcel did indeed snag the victory, propelling him into the middle of the pack vying for a spot at the final table. At the opposite end of the spectrum, Phil Hellmuth suffered another agonizing defeat and is a certainty to miss the final table.

In the first match of Day 5, Marcel Lüske, Phil Hellmuth, Juha Helppi, Vicky Coren, Eddy Scharf and Ian Frazer battled for whatever points they could earn. Phil was once again the first to be sent to the rail. Phil had reraised Marcel Lüske all-in while holding [Ad][Kh]. Marcel made the call with [8h][7h]. Marcel’s hand was trailing but the flop turned that around when it came down [10d][8c][7c], giving him two pair. Hellmuth was drawing dead after the turn came down [3c]. The [9d] on the river finished off the board, and Hellmuth was gone, his hopes of making it to the final table gone as well.

As the short-stack, Eddy Scharf risked all of his chips on a hand of [10c][5s]. Juha Helppi called with [Ad][Jh] and the two players waited to see what the community cards would bring. The board of [Kh][Qc][9h][Qh][9s] missed both players completely, but Helppi’s ace gave him the pot. Scharf earned one point on Day 5.

Ian Frazer also made his exit thanks to Juha Helppi. Frazer held [Kh][4h] and pushed all-in after making a pair of kings on a flop of [Kd][9c][5s]. Helppi made the call with ace-high. The [2c] on the turn gave no help to Helppi, but the [Ah] on the river gave Helppi the better pair, and Ian Frazer was gone in fourth place.

Vicky Coren went out in third after moving all-in with [Kc][Js] and getting called by Juha Helppi and his [Ks][Qd]. Both players paired their kings on the flop of [Kh][3s][3d]. The turn fell [8h] and the river fell [2c] to send Vicky to the exits after earning three points on Day 5.

Marcel Lüske and Juha Helppi were now engaged in a heads-up battle. The battle took41 hands to complete and when it was over “The Flying Dutchman” was the victor. On the final hand Helppi moved all-in with [Ad][Kh] and Marcel called with [Js][10c]. The flop came down [As][Ks][4s], giving Helppi two pair but also giving Marcel a flush draw and a gutshot straight draw. The [5s] fell on the turn, giving Marcel his flush. Helppi needed an ace or a king to make a full house and survive, but the river was a lowly [3d], giving Marcel the victory and nine points.

Marcel’s chances of making the final table had looked grim, but after his victory he finds himself back in the hunt.

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