Men the Master Cruises at LA Poker Classic

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Last year, Men “The Master” Nguyen’s protege David Pham won the Card Player Magazine Player of the Year Award for the second time. This year, The Master seems intent on winning his fifth Player of the Year Award, as evidenced by his recent performances at the LA Poker Classic.

Many poker players try to accrue POY points by doing well in the large buy-in tournaments, playing in a limited number while trying to win a title or two. Men Nguyen’s philosophy is the exact opposite: he tries to play in as many tournaments as possible, regardless of the buy-in. He has used this philosophy successfully in all four of his Player of he Year victories, even earning points from tournaments whose buy-ins were as small as $50. Men will have dozens of cashes with sever victories and final table appearances every year, playing in smaller tournaments and building up points and winnings.

Men Nguyen has historically done well at the LA Poker Classic, and 2008 is most certainly no exception. Men has won three different events at the LA Poker Classic. His first win came at Event #10, $300 Seven Card Stud, where he won $15,129. Men’s second victory was in Event #14, $1500 No Limit Holdem, where Men won $81,870 and his third victory at the LA Poker Classic came at Event #20, $2500 Limit Holdem. Men won $42,870 for this performance, but due to the low number of participants he did not win any POY points. Men the Master has had two other cashes at the LA Poker Classic, and with two weeks to go, it is very likely that Men Nguyen will add some more winnings and POY points to his collection.

Men “The Master” Nguyen’s victories while small in stature, have launched him upwards in the Card Player POY rankings due to the sheer number of cashes he has attained. Men is now in second place, only a few hundred points behind the current leader, Michael McDonald, who earned the bulk of his points when he won the EPT Dortmund event. It would not be surprising to see Nguyen pass McDonald before the LA Poker Classic is over.

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    men the master is not a champ of good manners, he is such an arrogant piece of ****


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