Michael Pickett Comes From Behind to Win WSOP-C Rincon

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pickett.jpgAfter a six-hour long final table, the World Series of Poker Circuit event at Harrah’s Rincon Resort & Casino has come to an end, with Michael Pickett taking the victory after starting out in seventh place at the final table. A total of 148 players had begun the event and Michael Pickett outlasted 147 of them to win the event.

Joe Eaton was the short stack to start the final table and was the first player to be eliminated. Joe gained a small piece of hope after doubling up once play began, but soon found himself all-in again. Joe Eaton held the advantage with [As][Js] over the [Ks][Jd] of David Peters. However, the board overturned Eaton’s advantage as it came down [5d][Qd][8d][10s][Ac], giving Peters the broadway straight on the river to eliminate Eaton in ninth place. Eaton earned $14,136 for his ninth place finish.

Damien Oborne was the next to fall. Oborne moved all-in with [Ah][5s] and was called by David Peters, who held [Kc][10h]. The flop came [10c][3d][8s], giving Peters a pair of tens. Oborne now could only win with an ace, running fives, or a runner-runner straight. None of the outs would come as the turn was the [Js] and the river was the [9c]. Oborne exited in eighth place, earning $21,204.

Lee Watkinson moved all-in shortly after Oborne left the table. Watkinson was called by Gavin Smith, and everyone else at the table folded. Watkinson held pocket fours, but was dominated by Smith’s pocket tens. The board was no help to Watkinson, who was sent to the rail in seventh place, richer by $28,272.

Gavin Smith would not savor his victory for long, as he soon moved all-in, getting called by Kenny Bedoya. Bedoya held the advantage with his [As][Jc] versus Smith’s [Qh][10d]. The flop was[4c][Ks][Ah], giving Bedoya a pair of aces and decreasing Smith’s odds for survival. The turn was the [Kc], and Smith now needed a jack to survive. Instead, the river card was a blank, the [9h]. Gavin Smith was gone, taking home $35,340 for his sixth place finish.

Cristian Avendano would end up as the fifth place finisher after he moved all-in with pocket sevens, only to be called by the pocket eights of Kenny Bedoya. Bedoya’s eights made a set on the flop, and there was no help for Avendano. Avendano earned $42,408 for his perfomance.

Kenny Bedoya was the next player to leave the table. Bedoya held [Ah][Qc] and after a board of [7d][6h][Qs][5h] bet on the turn, only to be raised by Michael Pickett. Bedoya then reraised all-in, with Pickett immediately calling. Pickett turned over [4d][8d] for a straight, leaving no hope for Bedoya. Bedoya made his exit, earning $56,544 for his fourth place performance.

There were now only three players remaining, Michael Pickett, David Peters, and Edward Sabat. Sabat would move all-in with [Ac][9s] and be called by the pocket eights of David Peters. It was a pure coin-flip situation, with Sabat holding the hand that needed to improve. However, Sabat’s hand did not improve, and Sabat left in third place with $70,680.

Heads-up play now commenced between Michael Pickett and David Peters. Pickett held two-thirds of the chips in play for a 2:1 chip advantage over David Peters. After over an hour of heads-up play, the final battle began. David Peters held [Jh][9h] and called from the small blind. Pickett checked, and the two saw a flop of [Ad][9c][3s]. Pickett bet and Peters called. After a turn of [7d], Pickett bet and Peters called. The river was the [Jc]. Pickett bet, Peters moved all-in, and Pickett called, showing [10d][8s] for the straight and the victory. David Peters earned $120,156 for his runner-up finish, while Pickett won $229,002 for his victory.

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