Roland de Wolfe Wins on Day 4 of Party Poker Premier League

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partypoker5.jpgRoland de Wolfe had started out strong at the Party Poker Premier League, winning his Day 1 match, but then faltered over the next two days, picking up only two points. However, de Wolfe surged up the leaderboard by capping another win on Day 4.

The first match of Day 4 consisted of Roland de Wolfe, Annie Duke, Ian Frazer, Eddy Scharf, Alex Kravchenko, and Dave Ulliott. Annie Duke would be the first to leave the table, getting knocked out on the very first hand. Annie held pocket queens and reraised Eddy Scharf before the flop. After a low flop of [Jh][9c][4h], Annie went all-in. Eddy Scharf wasted no time in calling, showing his pocket kings. The turn of [5h] and the river of [8s] brought no help to Annie, who left the table having won no points on Day 4.

Ian Frazer would also feel the bite of Eddy Scharf’s pocket kings. Frazer was eliminated in a hand where Alex Kravchenko made the original raise, Frazer reraised all-in with pocket sixes, and Scharf moved all-in with pocket kings, forcing Kravchenko to fold. No help came for Frazer on a board that read [Jd][9s][8h][8s][Qh] and Frazer was gone in fifth place.

Eddy Scharf would continue his run by knocking out Alex Kravchenko. Scharf raised with [Kd][10s] and Kravchenko reraised all-in with [Ad][Jd]. Frazer made the call and the cards were turned up. The flop was a dangerous one as it gave Kravchenko a pair of jacks with [Jh][9c][8s], but also gave Scharf several draws. The turn brought the [9s] and after the river brought the [5s] Scharf made his runner-runner flush to eliminate Kravchenko in fourth place. Kravchenko earned two points for his fourth place finish, which was his lowest finish of the tournament, having two second place and one third place finish.

Eddy Scharf stack would disappear over the course of three-handed play and he finally pushed all-in with [Ah][6h] and was called by Dave Ulliott and his [Kh][8c]. The flop of [Qs][10h][4d] gave no help to either player, but the [8d] on the turn gave “The Devilfish” a pair of eights nad the lead. The river card [2c] brought no help for Scharf, who exited in third place.

Roland de Wolfe had a large chip lead going into heads-up play, a battle that took only one hand to conclude. Dave Ulliott moved all-in with [Ad][5c] and de Wolfe made the call with [Ac][9s] for the dominating hand. Needing help to survive, “The Devilfish” got none as the board came down [7d][6c][2s][8c][10s]. The board gave de Wolfe an unneeded staright on the river. Roland de Wolfe earned nine points for his victory and was once again a power in the tournament. Ulliott had been struggling mightily on the first three days, but with the 5 points he earned on Day 4, he now has nine points and with another strong performance on Day 5 could find himself competing for a spot at the final table.

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