Two Arrested in Connection with Jason Potter Robbery

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Jason PotterAustralian police arrested two men for last week’s robbery of American poker player Jason Potter. Potter had been walking back from a McDonald’s after the Aussie Millions Main Event where he had finished in 31st place, winning $30,000, when he was struck from behind and robbed of his winnings and other money he was holding, most of the money in U.S. $100. The assailants got away when they drew knives and Potter stopped resisting. The robbery occurred on the Spencer Street Bridge, located nearby the Crown Casino, where the Aussie Millions tournament was taking place. One man, presumably Johnstone, struck Potter in the head from behind. While Potter was still dazed, the thieves took the money from the front pocket of Potter’s hooded sweatshirt. The two men then fled the scene with their ill-gotten gains.

The two men who were arrested are 32-year old Dwayne Johnstone and 26-year old Vhyharn Arumughasamy. Johnstone is currently facing five separate charges, which include drug possession, assault, and armed robbery. His associate, Arumughasamy, is only charged with one count of armed robbery. Melbourne police acted on two search warrants and arrested the two men on Thursday night. It is currently unknown whether any of the money taken from Potter has been recovered.

The two men appeared in court today before Magistrate Sarah Dawes. Neither Johnstone nor Arumughasamy applied for bail, and Magistrate Dawes gave orders for the two to comeppear before the Melbourne Magistrates Court in March.

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