Three More Arrests Made in Connection with Robbery of Delaware Poker Game

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poker.jpgLast month a poker game that was taking place at the Wild Quail Golf and Country Club in Delaware was robbed by masked men. Shortly afterwards a Delaware state trooper playing in the game, HyunJim Kim, was arrested for being the group’s “inside man” after he was seen buying pillowcases at a store, the same pillowcases that were used as masks during the robbery.

Police have now arrested three more men, a set of brothers who are accused of being among the masked men who robbed the game. The three men are brothers, 30-year old Jeffrey Powell, 26-year old Addae Powell, and 22-year old Akua Powell. The three men were arrested in their hometown of Philadelphia and extradited to Delaware. They are being charged with robbery, conspiracy, and possessing a firearm during a felony.

Kim and Jeffrey Powell are old friends, having attending Temple University together as well as serving in the military together. The police are still searching for the fifth man involved in the robbery, who remains at large.

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