Customer Service Message from Doyles Room Actually Virus

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Many players have been receiving in their e-mail inboxes a message that looks as if it comes from the online poker room Doyles Room, bearing a subject line of “Account temporarily blocked.” The message has a bold Doyles Room banner and appears to be a customer service message warning the player that their account has been suspended, saying “Your account will be blocked. Please click on the link and read the document, report its decision.” The rest of the message contains download links and phone numbers to make its efforts to look like a legitimate Doyles Room email more effective.

This message is dangerous on two fronts. First, it is a phishing scam in which the senders are trying to get you to input your Doyles Room information in order to steal it and access your account. Second, the message itself contains a trojan virus. According to posters on different poker forums anti-spyware software will detect the virus, but only Spyware Doctor was able to remove it. None of the antivirus programs seemed to have any success against the virus.

If you receive this email, delete it without opening it and absolutely DO NOT click on the link within the email. Doyles Room has announced that they are aware of the email and have already reported the matter to the spam’s ISP.

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