European Online Gaming News Update

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In the wake of rumors in recent weeks saying that Denmark and France are considering regulating online gaming in order to earn a piece of the revenue pie, Poland has also begun considering regulation. An eGaming report states that Poland could begin regulating online gaming in the second half of this year. Poland’s Deputy Minister for Finance, Marek Kapica, is hammering out legislative changes which he will then send to the European Commission, the EU’s governing body. In his statement, Kapica said, “We cannot control this process anyway and it is better that the budget derives at least some revenues from it.”

In Sweden Jesper Kärrbrink, the head of Svenska Spel, the state-run online gaming site has announced his resignation after several disagreements with his employers over how Svenska Spel should be run. In his statement, Kärrbrink said, “It has become clear lately that my ideas about how Svenska Spel should be run don’t agree with the image held by the owners. Therefore I have, in consultation with the board, come to an agreement that the best course of action in this situation is for the board to find a replacement for me.” Kärrbrink is receiving a severance package of 2.88 million kroner, which is the equivalent of $487,000. The temporary head of Svenska Spel is Andreas Hägg, who was formerly the treasurer.

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