Glen Chorny Wins EPT Grand Final

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The final day of play began with ten players and at the end of the day it would be Glen Chorny as the victor. Canadian Glen Chorny made his way into the European Poker Tour Grand Final via a Poker Stars satellite and after playing well for several days managed to take down the $3,198,500 grand prize.

The last day of play did not start with the final table as the previous day’s play could not whittle down th field to the final eight. Instead play began with two eliminations needed to form the final table. Glen Chorny would enter the table with the chip lead and use it to his advantage in his quest for victory.

The first player to be eliminated at the table was Antonio Esfandiari. Esfandiari went all-in before the flop holding A-8 and was called by Luca Pagano. To Esfandiari’s dismay, Pagano had him dominated with A-J. No help came for Esfandiari on the board, although Pagano did improve to make an ace-high straight. Esfandiari would leave the table in eighth place, having earned $266,004.

Russian Valeriy Ilikyan would be the next to go. Ilikyan pushed the last of his chips into the center preflop, betting his tournament life on A-Q. Michael Martin made the call and flipped over A-K. Martin’s dominating hand held up and Ilikyan exited in seventh place with $400,590.

Luca Pagano would finish in sixth place after we went all-in holding A-J and came up against the pocket queens of Denes Kalo. Pagano’s hand did not improve and he would head home with $533,601.

Michael Martin was the next victim, going all-in after his Q-10 hit top pair on a flop of 10-7-6. Glen Chorny took out his first opponent at the final table with his holding of pocket jacks which survived Martin’s threat. Michael Martin finished in fifth place, richer by $666,606.

Glen Chorny would soon after pick up pocket aces to eliminate another opponent. Isaac Baron went all-in with A-Q and got no help from the board, falling to Chorny’s aces. Isaac Baron would earn $932,692 for his fourth place finish.

Heads-Up play between Glen Chorny and Denes Kalo would commence after Maxime Villemure fell in third place. Chorny had made a broadway straight and Villemure could not overcome the disadvantage, and he made his exit with $1,132,107 more than when he entered.

Heads-Up play would not last long, partly because Chorny held a 10:1 chip lead over Kalo. Two hands into play Kalo moved all-in with K-Q and Chorny called with A-5. After the board fell A-Q-6-6-10, Glen Chorny had officially won the EPT Grand Final, earning $3,198,500. Denes Kalo earned $1,866,790 for his runner-up performance.

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