Lee Jones Now Chief Operating Officer of CardRunners

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Lee Jones has announced that he is leaving his position as Executive Host for the European Poker Tour to take on a job as Chief Operating Officer of CardRunners.com. CardRunners.com is a poker instructional site that uses video of online play to help train new poker players, as well as offering a myriad variety of other poker tools to help out the young and aspiring poker player.

Lee Jones leaves his job as Executive host of the EPT after one year, having taken on the position in April 2007. Before that, he had spent four years as the online poker room manager for Poker Stars, his work that he is most famous for. Lee Jones made the move to CardRunners as he himself is planning a move back to the United States after his time in Europe.

In other CardRunners news, CardRunners recently signed a deal with Full Tilt Poker that allows Team CardRunners to join many other famous poker players as friends of Full Tilt Poker. Several members of Team CardRunners already make their living on Full Tilt Poker, most notably Brian “sbrugby” Townsend.

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  1. Ned

    He is a crook, just like the online poker site he used to work for. He had to do this to move back to the US or he would have been arrested by federal authorities. He took the money and ran. Boycott these sites and play poker live. The only way it should be played.


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