Police Raid South Carolina Poker Game

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After a lengthy investigation, South Carolina police conducted raids on illegal poker games, arresting 27, with a large number of the arrests taking place at a house in Hanahan, SC owned by Martin and Dawn Reyes. One of the players arrested was Don Sorenson, a deputy prosecutor who has spent the last thirteen years serving the counties of Calhoun, Dorchester, and Orangeburg. Sorenson has offered his resignation, but his resignation has not yet been accepted. Instead, Sorenson has been placed on unpaid suspension for a “magistrate level offence”
South Carolina police utilized their search warrant to raid their target homes, and seized more than $40,000 from the 27 players they arrested. There is some discrepancy in the facts, as police said that they had been investigating the illegal poker games for ten months before the raid, while Mrs. Reyes said that her husband had only been running the game at their house for eight months. Also, a statement said from the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office said that the game had paid employees, which Mrs. Reyes also has denied in her statements to the media.

More arrests are anticipated as South Carolina police continue their investigation and raids in their crackdown on illegal poker games.

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