Allen Cunningham Comes Back to Win WSOPC Caesars Las Vegas

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At the beginning of the WSOPC Caesars Las Vegas Main Event final table, Allen Cunningham was barely surviving in eighth place. However, he made an unstoppable comeback to take down the event to win a WSOPC ring and the victor’s prize of $499,16.

Doug Lee was the first casualty of the final table. After losing a big pot Lee moved all-in with [Ah][Jc] before the flop. Ben Fineman made the call with [Qs][9s] and the two players waited to see what the board would bring. Both players hit pairs on the flop of [Kd][Jh][9d], but Lee was still ahead. Fineman would gain the advantage when the [9c] fell on the turn. The [10s] on the river gave Fineman a straight, and Lee exited in ninth place with $32,204.

Soon after, Ralph Perry made his own journey to the exit. Allen Cunningham pushed all-in preflop, and Perry called all-in. Perry held pocket jacks that were easily defeated by Cunningham’s pocket queens after the board fell without a jack. Perry earned $48,306 for his eighth place finish.

Thomas Hover finished in seventh place after he moved all-in with [Qh][2h] before the flop and was called by Kelly Samson and his pair of sevens. The flop fell [10h][8d][2d], giving Hover a few more outs. The turn brought even more outs as it fell [8h], giving Hover a flush draw. A heart did fall on the river, but it was the [7h], which gave Samson a full house. Hover would head home having earned $64,408.

Blair Hinkle was the next to fall, doing so after reraising Ben Fineman all-in with [Qs][9d] only to find himself dominated by Fineman’s [As][Qc]. The board fell [10d][8d][6s][Qd][8s], and Hinkle was eliminated in sixth place, earning $80,510.

Justin Bonomo would exit in fifth place after tangling with Allen Cunningham. Cunningham reraised Bonomo all-in with [Ah][Qd], and Bonomo, holding [Kc][3c], called for the rest of his stack. Bonomo would receive no help on the board of [9s][5d][2d][4h][2h] and he would head for the rail richer by $96,612.

Motoyuki Mabuchi would finish in fourth place after he called an all-in bet from Ben Fineman after a flop of [Kc][Jd][5h]. Mabuchi held [Kh][2h] while Fineman held the better hand with [Ks][Qc]. After the [8s] on the turn and the [4c] on the river Mabuchi would leave the table. Motoyuki Mabuchi earned $112,714 for his fourth place performance.

Fineman would then eliminate Kelly Samson in third place. Both players saw a flop of [9d][7h][4h] and Samson bet. Fineman responded with a raise, and Samson called, sending them to a turn of [9h]. Samson bet again and Fineman pushed all-in. Samson called and turned over his [9c][8s] for trip nines. Fineman showed [Jh][10h] for a flush. The [2h] landed on the river to close out the hand. Kelly Samson’s third place finish earned him $128,816.

Heads-up play between Ben Fineman and Allen Cunningham began with Fineman holding a 3-1 chip lead. During the long battle Cunnigham slowly picked up chips to take the lead. The tournament would end after both players made big hands. Both players checked the flop of [Kc][Qc][Qd] to see the [10c] fall on the turn. Cunnigham bet, Fineman raised, and Cunningham moved all-in. Fineman made the call and showed [As][Jd] for a straight, while Cunningham revealed a flush with his [5c][4c].

Ben Fineman earned $257,637 for his runner-up performance while Allen Cunningham took the first place prize money of $499,162.

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