Danish Supreme Court Accepts Poker Case

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Poker players in Denmark received good news when the Danish Supreme Court agreed to hear arguments against a law banning poker in private clubs. On December 18th of last year Denmark’s second highest court, the Landsretten, ruled that it was illegal for private clubs to put on poker tournaments as it would violate current anti-gambling laws. When the ruling passed down private clubs were frequently offering poker tournaments for their patrons, who were avid poker supporters.

Frederik Hostrup and the Danish Poker Federation appealed the Landsretten’s decision and the Supreme Court decided to hear the case. The Supreme Court will usually only hear cases when they disagree with the ruling made by the lower court, so this is a great sign for Danish poker players. Speaking about the Supreme Court’s decision, Hostrup said, “I am certain we will reach another result than the one we received in the Landsretten. This is a good day for Danish poker. It can make a big difference for everyone who loves poker.”

According to Danish law now that the Supreme Court has taken on the case the laws will revert to their previous status where tournament poker was legal in clubs, and the rules will remain such until the Supreme Court makes their ruling, one way or the other.

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