Gus Hansen’s Every Hand Revealed Released

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Every Hand Revealed, the poker book written by Gus Hansen, has been released and is now available for purchase. In the book Gus Hansen chronicles his adventures at the 2007 Aussie Millions tournament, covering the important hands and how he played them in his road to the title and the $1.2 million first prize.

The book reveals great insights into how the famous Gus Hansen operates throughout a tournament. Gus explains what went through his mind on each hand he scribes. He also delves into his state of mind after the hand was completed, whether he was pleased with the way he played the hand or if he was disgusted with his play. The title of Every Hand Revealed is accurate, as Gus takes a look at every hand he played that had an impact on the tournament, so he does not chronicle hands he folded with no action or other such insignificant hands.

Gus Hansen likes to write about how his play is actually a lot different than his reputation suggests. Gus actually thinks of himself as a a fairly tight player while his reputation is that of a loose cannon who will play anything and make it work. The book holds several situations where he used his reputation to his advantage.

Gus Hansen’s Every Hand Revealed is an entertaining read and also helps get poker players thinking about what they might do in certain situations, so it also has some educational value for the aspiring poker player.

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