Jack Hinchey Captures 888.com World Poker Crown

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In the 888.com World Poker Crown event, poker players from around the world competed with all their might to capture the $1 million first prize. Play began online and continued until the tournament was down to just ten players. Then, the players headed for Barcelona, Spain to finish the game. In the end it was Jack Hinchey, a pump and electric motor service manager from Canada who captured the victory.

The final table was broadcast over the internet once the final eight players were determined, leaving two players to go home without the fanfare of the cameras to follow them out. Canadian Michael Leah fell in tenth place and was quickly followed by Italian Pini Roberto. The live broadcast of the final eight began, with the field consisting of three Canadians, three Dutchmen, a German, and a Pole.

An elimination occurred as soon as the cameras started, with Candian Mark Castonguay exiting in eight place amid the confusion of the setup. Castonguay would take home $30,000.

The German, Mark Roessler, would fall thanks to a horrendous bad beat. Jack Hinchey and Roessler saw a flop of [Js][9h][2d]. Roessler bet with his [Jc][8c], and the bet is followed by Hinchey raising with just [Kc][3d] for king-high. Roessler goes all-in and Hinchey calls. The [Qh] falls on the turn and then the [10c] on the river gives Hinchey the runner-runner straight to knock out the German in seventh place. Roessler would collect $60,000 for his efforts.

Dutchman Bert van Doesburg finished in sixth place after losing a race to Hinchey. The Dutchman pushed all-in preflop with [Kd][9s] and Hinchey called with [5s][5c]. No help came for van Doesburg on the board of [10c][8d][3c][10h][Qs]. Bert van Doesburg would head home after earning $90,000.

Bart Wetsteijn of the Netherlands exited after he picked up pocket kings and decided to slow play them. The flop came down [5c][3s][2s], giving a straight to Jack Hinchey’s [Ad][4d]. Hinchey bet and Wetsteijn moved all-in, prompting a quick call by Hinchey. The [3d] fell on the turn, followed by the [Js] on the river, and Bart Wetsteijn left in fifth place richer by $120,000.

The last Dutchman at the table, Arjan Van Bavel fell when his pocket nines could beat Hinchey’s pocket queens. Van Bavel shoved all-in over Hinchey’s bet on a flop of [10s][8h][6h] and Hinchey made the call to show Van Bavel the bad news. Van Bavel didn’t hit any of his outs on the [2s] turn and the [Js] river, sending him to the exits in fourth place having earned $180,000.

Piotr Stanislaw of Poland would be Hinchey’s next victim. Hinchey raised preflop with [Ac][10c] and Stanislaw moved all-in with a dominated [Ah][5s]. The board ran out [Ah][10s]7d][6c][6s], giving no help to Stanislaw, who earned $210,000 for his third place finish.

Heads-Up play then commenced between the two Canadians, Jack Hinchey and Michael Lawson with Hinchey holding a 4.5:1 chip lead. In the last hand of the tournament, Lawson moved all-in with pocket tens on a flop of [Kh][Jh][6h]. Hinchey called with [Kc][Qs] and after the [Js] fell on the turn and the [Ks] fell on the river Hinchey became the official champion.

Michael Lawson earned $397,000 for his runner-up performance while Hinchey would leave with $1 million.

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  1. Marz

    Way to go PapaJack! I miss playing with you at the Attria on tuesday nights in Oshawa. You were forsure the one that was always hard to beat.

  2. j coish

    right on jack i missed you and rick at the canadian open in cow town but way to go .rick told me about the ride in spain way cool.


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