Netherlands Asks Banks to Stop Transactions to Illegal Sites

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In an attempt to further pressure illegal gambling, the Dutch government has asked banks to stop doing business with select online casinos which operate illegally in the Netherlands. A spokewoman from the Dutch Ministry of Justice didn’t go into great detail, but did say that two of the online casinos the government is targeting are Unibet, which is a gaming site based in Sweden, and the Dutch site Oranje Casino.

In her statement the spokeswoman said “It is illegal to offer gambling services in the Netherlands without a permit. These companies know they can break the law.” By attempting to get the banks to stop processing financial transactions between the Dutch consumers and the illegal casinos, the Dutch government hopes to direct the consumers back to De Lotto, which is a state-run gaming site. This would generate more revenue for the Dutch government.

The EU is already taking action against the Netherlands for their efforts to protect the Dutch domestic monopoly, as it does not allow fair competition for EU businesses to enter the Dutch market. This most recent action by the Dutch government will likely only increase the EU’s ire.

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