Senator Attempts to Accelerate UIGEA Implementation

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Senator John Kyl of Arizona, a fervent supporter of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act is now acting to accelerate it implementation, fearful that unless it is implemented immediately that it will fall apart underneath the mounting pressure to see it repealed. Kyl is known as an ultraconservative senator who will adamantly support any motions that he approves of, even in the face of strong opposition.

Kyl has had a vested interest in the UIGEA ever since its inception, as he was one of its architects and helped in its insertion into a bill that absolutely had to be passed by Congress. Kyl has been know to pull strings from behind the scenes in the senate, and the UIGEA is another example of Kyl’s use of sneakiness to get things done.

In a recent Congressional hearing, testimony from several congresspersons, financial sector employees, and the Federal Reserve made it clear that the UIGEA is unworkable in its current state. Using this hearing as justification, Representative Barney Frank and others have urged that the implementation process be stopped, also citing bills working their way through Congress that will void the UIGEA. The UIGEA would put unfair burdens on the financial sector and attempt to use the financial sector to act as a police force to block illegal transactions, despite not having clearly defined what are illegal transactions and what aren’t.

Senator Kyl is not impressed by the facts proving the unworkability of the UIGEA, and continues to sit astride his high horse. In one statement Kyl said, “The people who are violating the law need to know that they’re not going to be able to get away with it and I think that the failure to get these regulations promulgated on time has perhaps given some hope and it’s given life even to an idea over in the House of Representatives to put a moratorium on the regulations.” Kyl’s statement shows his distaste of those who seek to overthrow the UIGEA and does not mention that he has created criminals by helping to create the UIGEA.

Senator Kyl has also stated that he will oppose any and all attempts to change the UIGEA or stop its implementation. His greatest opponent in the battle over the UIGEA is Barney Frank, who has introduced his own bill into Congress that will implement regulation of online gambling instead of outlawing it. Barney Frank’s position is quite clear as he has called the UIGEA “The stupidest law ever passed.”

Senator Kyl is clearly feeling the pressure that is percolating around the UIGEA, and is trying to force it into action before it is rendered impotent by the negative reactions from both the financial institutions and fellow congressmen.

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  1. j davis

    Senaotr Kyl is bent on violating the rights of otherwise law abiding citizens who enjoy a good game of poker or bingo. How creating a new class of ‘criminals’ is going to help the country is beyond me. This country has much more important thins to do besides interfering in the daily lives of it’s citizens.

    J Davis


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