Washington State Ban on Online Poker to Remain

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Earlier today attorney Lee Rousso went before a judge to argue his position that Washington State’s ban on online poker was unconstitutional. One of his arguments was that the law serves as a method to protect Washington’s casinos from the competition that online poker sites provide, and that as such, the law violates the Commerce Clause contained within the constitution.

The law punishes offenders as if they were guilty of possessing child pornography or grand theft auto, punishments that seem overly excessive to many in the state, who do not see how playing online poker can possibly be as serious of a crime.

The judge did not agree with Rousso’s arguments and so the ban that makes playing online poker a class c felony will remain. State attorneys are pleased with the decision, but Rousso remains optimistic, as he said, “Even though it was a loss today, I still think some good things will come of it.”

The Poker Players Alliance had organized a rally to show their support of Rousso’s efforts. Approximately fifty people, including professional poker players Barry Greenstein and Andy Bloch attended the rally, as did a number of media outlets.

Lee Rousso may have lost this fight, but he will continue his battle against Washington’s ban on online poker.

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  1. DottiAnn Blakemore

    What a farce! You do tell! A judge elected to serve the interests of the people…..rules on the side of Corporate Idoltry….What a Farce!


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