Jimmy Shultz Wins Event#12, $1500 Limit Holdem

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Jimmy Shultz took down Event #12 of the 2008 WSOP on the third day of play to earn a bracelet in the event, which was $1500 Limit Holdem. Eighteen players remained at the start of day 3 and one of the most famous names, Erick Lindgren, would finish on the final table bubble.

Final table play ran fast out of the gates, as Chung Law would reraise Shultz for all of his chips while holding pocket tens. Shultz made the call with his pocket jacks and Law was in trouble. The board was no help for Law, as it fell Q-8-8-9-7, and Chung Law was eliminated in ninth place, earning $23,423.

Christoph Niesert found two callers when he moved all-in, Jimmy Shultz and Zac Fellows. After the board fell [Jd][9d][5c][Kc][Qc] Fellows turned over the winning hand of [Ks][8s]. Both Shultz and Niesert threw their hands in the muck, with Niesert having to make his exit. Niesert’s eighth place finish was rewarded with $32,432.

Ali Eslami was the next to fall, doing so when he made a large bet on a flop of [7d][4d][4c] and had to call Shultz’s raise for the rest of his chips. Eslami turned over [9h][5c] while Shultz showed his [Ac][5h]. Eslami was well behind and after the [Ad] fell on the turn his fate was sealed. Ali Eslami exited in seventh place, richer by $41,441.

Markus Gosler would be the next victim to fall at Shultz’s hands. Gosler moved all-in with [Ad][Jd] after the flop fell [Qd][10h][9s]. Shultz made the call with [9c][7c] and his pair was leading. Gosler needed help to survive, help that he would not receive. Gosler would leave the table in sixth place, having earned $53,453.

Teddy Monroe had been one of the short stacks throughout the day and would finally succumb in fifth place. Monroe was all-in before the flop and facing two opponents in Shultz and Brendan Taylor. Monroe’s two foes checked to the river on a board of [10s][9h][2h][8h][Js] where Shultz fired a bet. Taylor folded and Shultz revealed [8s][7s] for a jack-high straight. Teddy Monroe earned $67,867 for his fifth place finish.

Brendan Taylor exited in fourth place after tangling with Vinnie Vinh. More and more of Taylor’s chips went into the pot as the hand progressed until he was all-in on the river. With a board reading [3s][3c][2c][3s][Qh] Vinnie Vinh showed pocket eights to eliminate Taylor, who would take home $82,882 for his performance.

Vinnie Vinh would make his own exit soon after when he moved all-in on a flop of [Ks][7c][5d]. Jimmy Shultz made the call, showing 7-6 for a pair of sevens. Vinnie was only holding Q-2 and was behind. The [2d] gave Vinh a pair to give him a little more hope, but the [3d] on the river signaled the end of his tournament. Vinnie Vinh exited in third place with $99,099.

The heads-up match between Jimmy Shultz and Zac Fellows would last more than two hours before reaching its conclusion. In the final hand Fellows pushed what little remained of his chip stack into the pot with [3c][3d] and Schultz called with [10h][3h]. Shultz would make a flush as the board ran out [Qd][7h][6h][6d][Jh] to win the tournament. Zac Fellows earned $165,165 for his second place finish while Shultz earned the WSOP bracelet and the $257,105 that went with it.

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