And then there was 9!!!

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Yes it is true that after all of the bad beats, after all of the suck outs and yes after all of the magnificent plays, we are finally down to are last remaining players that will fight it out come November 9th for the coveted World Series of Poker Main Event bracelet. It was late at night and down to the last ten players with hundreds of fans crowding around the ESPN feature table when all of a sudden a player by the name of Dean Hamrick announced that he was all-in. At this time everyone in the audience jumped from their seats and all you could hear is people screaming and cheering and then we heard it “I’m all-in”, yes that is correct after Dean Hamrick went all in, a player by the name of Craig Marquis went over the top and went all-in himself but unfortunately no one called the all-in of Marquis. Here it was Hamrickvs. Marquis with Hamrick holding A(s) J(c) and Marquis holding Q(h) Q(c). The flop came out K(c) 10(h) 3(d) and that meant that in order for Hamrick to stay in the game and have a chance for the November nine he would have to catch one of the remaining Q’s that was left in the deck, but after the turn came out the 10(d) Hamrickwas left with catching an ace on the river. His dreams of making the November nine was shot when the K(s) was turned over on the river and Hamrick was crushed, but with his sadness came an entire room full of fans and players still left in the match to scream their heads off because this meant that we were down to our final table, our final nine, OUR NOVEMBER NINE.

The players that you will be seeing on November 9th during the final table at the Rio Casino & Hotel are players that no one really knows anything about. The most well known player at the final table would have to be David “Chino” Rheem, but do not just glance over the other players because some of them actually have an extensive career in poker and cashing in tournaments, like Scott Montgomery who finished 5th in the 2008 LA Poker Classic and you could also look at Kelly Kim and Ylon Schwartz who both have over $250,000 in career tournament cashes. The biggest surpriseright now would have to be the player that is out in front right now and his name is Dennis Phillips. He goes into this final table with a total of 26,295,000 in chips, yet even though he is going into the final table with the most amount of chips, he is also entering the final table with the least amount of experience since he only has two WSOP Circuit event cashes which he received in 2007.

Even though the final table to the World Series of Poker Main Event is delayed until November, each player will be walking away withat least $900,000 in cash which is the amount that the ninth place finisher will be receiving. This amount that they will be receiving will compare nothing to the amount that they will receive from sponsorship, endorsements and other miscellaneous types of jobs that they may receive. No matter the amount of money that is involved, this final table should be one to remember because of the time off that these nine players are receiving, they should be getting coaching from some of the top pros out there which should develop into one hell of a final table.

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