GSN renews “High Stakes Poker”

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The popular game show “High Stakes Poker” is once again being picked up by GSN (Game Show Network) for a fifth season. The show has been very popular on the network and has been one of its best with ratings even after months and months of re-runs. The reason for a delay of the fifth season is due to the fact that GSN was thinking of doing an entire programming shift that would target a more youthful audience and GSN would not want gambling on their network if they decided to go down that road.

The show will start filming the new episodes in September and yes AJ Benza will be returning as well as the great Gabe Kaplan so who knows what kind of crazy things these two guys will talk about during the new season. It is unclear though who will be playing at the tables when filming begins or where they will begin filming, because if you can remember the first 3 seasons were filmed at a different casino property in Las Vegas and only the fourth season was filmed at the same property as the third season.

If you were to ask me where I would like to see the next season played and who would I like to see sitting at the table I would have to say this. I would like to see them play at my favorite casino which is the Bellagio because well it is my favorite casino to play poker at and in my opinion it gives the best attention to their poker room and yes I know they would not film in the main poker room of the casino but it is kind of interesting at what their high stakes room would look like. The players that I would like to see sitting at the table would have to be no doubt Sammy Farha and Eli Elezra to start out just because the entertainment that these two players bring to the table and the type of plays that they make is just priceless and they also open everyone else up at the table so then there is bigger pots. I would then have to name Kid Poker himself Mr. Daniel Negreanu, Phil Laak and the magician Antonio Esfandiari. A couple of other players I would like to see at the table just because of the potential blow ups would have to be Mike “The Mouth” Matusow and Phil Hellmuth and with these two players at the table you would have to add 2006 Main Event Champion Jamie Gold just so he can suck out on Mike and Phil which would then cause the blow ups. Last but not least you would have to add the legend Doyle Brunson just because you can not have a high stakes poker game with the godfather himself.

This is an interesting topic, because with GSN not releasing the names of players that are going to be playing we can all wish, pray and hope who we would like to see. So who would you like to see play and where would you like them to play even if it is not in Las Vegas lets hear your dream fifth season of “High Stakes Poker”. 

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