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For years players have been coming up to Daniel Negreanu asking even sometimes begging him to teach them his secrets to a successful poker career. This is all due to Daniel’s many cashes and wins in tournaments that have well exceeded $10 million. Daniel has also used his signature “small ball” poker strategy for a very lucrative high stakes poker career. Well for everyone that wants to learn his secrets you wait is now over and Daniel is not just offering his secrets but some other very successful poker pros.

Daniel Negreanu and Lightspeed VT ( a las vegas-based company) have announced they are launching a poker training website by the name of PokerVT. com. The site is one that is going to set the bar very high for other online training sites. The site is set up to make the user think they are actually sitting there with Daniel Negreanu and picking his brain of every bit of poker knowledge he may have.

For those of you who may think that how can my game become better by just listening to one man even though he is a great player. Well Daniel has taken care of that by recruiting poker pros Paul Wasicka, Adam Junglen, JC Alvarado, Boosted J and online poker phenom at only 19 years old Annette Oberstrad a.k.a “Annette-15”.

With the site you will be able to watch video’s of pros actually playing real games while they give you tips and explain why they made a certain play. Some of the other features of the website include a feature called D’s Nuts where the amateur players can practice to notice quickly and identify the first, second and third nuts. There is also a feature called N-SPAT which means Negreanu-Swayne Poker Aptitude test. This test is a comprehensive test that measures your understanding of the poker math and Negreanu lessons.

All in all for any player out there no matter what skill level you are, I guarentee that if you take the time to visit PokerVT. com, your game can do nothing but improve and your bankroll can do nothing but increase over time.


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    it’s $150 for the 1st 3 months…


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