Ultimate Bet in trouble again

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Can it be true, is Ultimate Bet back in the headlines once again? Well I can answer that for you very easily and the answer is yes. It all started with a poker player named Tiffany Michelle who is sponsored by Pokernews and is also an employee of Pokernews. If you are one of the die hard World Series of Poker Main Event fans that want to know what is happening at the WSOP every minute of the day, you would have realized that a woman by the name of Tiffany Michelle was making a huge impact on the sport and a huge impact on other players chip stacks and unfortunately you were not the only ones to notice.

Ultimate Bet was doing the same thing that all online poker sites do during the World Series of Poker and that is trying to find worthy poker players to sponsor and well Ultimate Bet thought that Tiffany Michelle was worthy enough to wear the Ultimate Bet logo while she plays poker. Unfortunately when Ultimate Bet sought out Tiffany Michelle to try and negotiate a deal between herself and Ultimate Bet, they decided not to include Pokernews whom at the time still had a sponsorship deal in place with Tiffany Michelle.

Pokernews. com went on record stating that they feel very honored to sponsor and support aspiring poker players such as Tiffany and when news was broken about how Tiffany had signed a sponsorship deal with Ultimate Bet, Pokernews felt betrayed that they were left out of the negotiations even though they support players signing with online poker sites and in fact Pokernews was looking forward to harboring many sponsorship deals from some of the biggest names in online poker. Pokernews had also went on stating that they do not believe that this decision was based entirely on Tiffany, they believe that her agent had given advice and did some research and found loopholes in the contract with Pokernews and due to her signing the contract with Ultimate Bet, Pokernews is seeking legal council so they can fully understand the rights that they have in this event.

Pokernews would also like to state that due to the circumstances from this past year and with the news of this betrayel, Pokernews will no longer promote Ultimate Bet on its website from here on out.

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