Ultimate Bet Scandal

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In the dictionary betrayal is defined as being unfaithful in guarding, maintaining or fulfilling ones trust. In the world of poker betrayal can be defined even shorter and that is just by uttering the words Absolute poker and Ultimate Bet. I know everyone has heard about the scandal that went on at Absolute poker with the entire cheating program that exposed other player’s hole cards. Well at least we thought everyone saw it because the people at Ultimate Bet must not have gotten the memo.

About a month ago Tokwiro Enterprises released a statement to the public stating that after months of investigation and player complaints due to accounts having results far beyond statistical norms, they have come to the conclusion that under certain accounts there was a super user account active that showed some accounts other players hole cards. In the statement sent out by Tokwiro Enterprises it stats that the software code was part of a “legacy auditing system that was manipulated by the perpetrators,” it was referring to the fact that before Tokwiro Enterprises purchased the site the hidden software code was already within the system and Tokwiro Enterprises did not have any knowledge of such software within the system.

The investigation began back in January of 2008 after months of complaints by players and observers that an account by the name of “NioNio” was winning to many hands statistically speaking. After the months of receiving these complaints Ultimate Bet contacted the KGC to provide formal notice that Ultimate Bet is going to initiate an investigation. During the months of investigation six player accounts were found to have been participating in the illegal use of the super user account. During the investigation the accounts that were found to have been using the super user account were found to have been changing their screen names on a constant basis.

After the investigation was complete Ultimate Bet went on to find that the six player accounts using the super user account were in fact doing so from March 7th, 2006 all the way to December 3rd, 2007. This was also a time that the accounts were found to have also changed there screen names multiple times to try and make other players think that they were not in fact the same person.

The Tokwiro Enterprise has sent out a letter of apology to the public for not realizing what was going on and not catching the problem with the software at a sooner time and has since then began the long process of refunding money to everyone that was affected. Tokwiro Enterprise also found that the accounts did not always use an unfair advantage while playing but everyone that lost money to the accounts at anytime no matter if the super user account was active or not will get a refund of all money lost.

Since this crime took place to a lot of innocent players online, Ultimate Bet has put into place a security program that will prevent anything like this from happening again. 

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  1. Dale Michael Williams

    Made $250 deposit at UltimateBet, played approx. 13 days and made more than 4K. UltimateBet refused to pay me. Said play was suspicious. Put a 5K bounty on them and got a reply from an employee. Paid that man with PayPal. Here’s info I was given: UB has less than 600 real players. They have a shill/bot base of more than 2K fictitious names/addresses and etc. So when you play any table at any time, you’ll be up against 50% shill/bots playing for UB. (Especially high stakes 2/4 Omaha Hi-Lo no limit as I played.) So when I won and they had to part with THEIR cash since I beat the ridiculous odds against me winning, security came up with the BS that allowed them to freeze/close account and keep my winnings. UB has not changed. They are corrupt maggots. My name is Dale Michael Williams and UB user name is OzarkMichael. I challenge them to bring lawsuit against me. They do not have the balls!!!!!!!!! QUOTE ME!

  2. Jon

    I am trying to look into their “blackjack” statistics. I have heard some say that the dealer gets blackjack over 30% of the time. I have noticed that it is virtually impossible to beat this game and the dealer will hit blackjack about 6 times the statistical average of a fair game. I also noticed that if it is your first time playing blackjack, you will have a nice run where you will likely triple your buy-in. After that, its game over. Thanks for the post.


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