Anti-Online Gambling Language Removed, Then Reinserted in Republican Party Platform

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In a busy few hours, the Republican Party had originally dropped language from its party platform that opposed online gambling due to pressure from a multitude of poker players commenting on the Republican platform. However, only a few short hours after dropping their opposition to online gambling the language was reinserted, due to pressure brought on by special interest groups who oppose online gambling and financially support the Republican Party.

In both 2000 and 2004, the Republican Party’s platform contained language expressing their opposition to online gambling, saying “Millions of Americans suffer from problem or pathological gambling that can destroy families. We support legislation prohibiting gambling over the internet or in student athletics by student athletes who are participating in competitive sports.”

Early on Tuesday news broke out that the Republican Party was removing this language in its efforts to gain more supporters through its relaxation of its old prohibitions. The Poker Players Alliance was a significant part of this original repeal, as a multitude of members went onto to log their comments which were critical of the anti-online gambling language.

The repeal initially brought hope to all poker players, but these hopes would be promptly dashed when the anti-gambling language was reinserted into the GOP platform. Comments from enraged poker players swiftly followed this reversal.

One of the more eloquent comments came earlier this month from Greg Raymer, professional poker player and member of the PPA. “My point is simple. Is the Republican Party no longer the party of personal freedom and individual responsibility? Why has this party, which used to protect my rights, now become the party that wants to create a Nanny-state? Stay away from issues of personal liberty, except to remove old laws that restrict these liberties.

Greg Raymer’s comments reflect on an issue that is held dear by many Americans, the right to make their own decisions and accept the consequences, both positive and negative, of their actions.

The Republican Convention begins on September 1st in St. Paul, Minnesota, taking place at the Xcel Energy Center. Comments can still be made at the GOP website that was listed above, The platform is expected to be officially accepted on the first day of the convention so visit the GOP website and make your views known.

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