bmf823 Takes Down FTOPS IX Event #12

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Event #12 of the Full Tilt Online Poker Series IX was a six-handed No-Limit Holdem event with a buy-in of $1,000 + $60. Ben Fineman, whose screenname is “bmf823” emerged victorious after beginning the final table in last place. This impressive performance netted Fineman the grand prize of $300,000.

At the start of the final table the chip counts stood thus:

GetPWN3D – 2,136,044

bigtonyk123 – 1,727,844

omalos – 1,080,300

Ram Vaswani – 818,266

Garbally – 702,859

bmf823 – 559,687

The first player at the final table to get his walking papers was bigtonyk123. GetPWN3D raised after bigtonyk123 limped in and after a call the two players saw a flop of [Ac][10s][6d]. Bigtonyk123 checked to GetPWN3d, who fired a bet. Bigtonyk123 called and moved all-in after the [7d] fell on the turn. GetPWN3D called and turned over [As][Qs] for a pair of aces, which led bigtonyk123’s [Jc][10h] that had made a pair of tens. The [7s] fell on the river and bigtonyk123 was gone in sixth place, having made $49,500.

Famous poker player Ram Vaswani of the Hendon Mob exited in fifth place shortly after his stack was crippled by bmf823. Vaswani moved all-in over the top of a GetPWN3D raised with [Ac][9d] and faced the [Ks][10s] of his opponent. GetPWN3D took the lead with a pair of tens after the flop fell [10c][4h][3s]. Vaswani’s hand would not improve as the [Jh] landed on the turn and the [7s] landed on the river. Vaswani earned $72,750 for his fifth place finish.

GetPWN3D would soon receive his comeuppance as he finished in fourth. GetPWN3D and omalos saw a flop of [9d][6c][6s] and checked to see the turn card of [Qd]. GetPWN3D bet and received a call, after which the [7d] landed on the river. GetPWN3D bet and had to push the rest of his chips in after omalos made a hefty raise. Omalos hit a set on the river with his pocket sevens to defeat the pocket aces of GetPWN3D, who exited in fourth place richer by $105,000.

Omalos would take his leave after he tangled with bmf823. Omalos found himself all-in after he called bmf823’s raise, pitting omalos’s pocket nines against bmf823’s [Kc][5d]. A king fell on the flop of [Kh][4h][4d] to give bmf823 the lead, which he would not relinquish as the turn card was the [Ad] and the river card was the [7s]. Omalos won the third place payout of $138,000.

Heads-up play commenced between bmf823 and Garbally and it would end after Garbally got all his money into the center with pocket fours. The two were off to the races as bmf823 was holding [Ad][10h]. Garbally soon found himself behind as the flop fell [Ah][Jc][3d]. Neither the turn nor the river would help Garbally as they fell [Jd][5d]. Garbally’s runner-up finish was rewarded with $198,000.

Ben Fineman, “bmf823”, won the $300,000 first prize in Event #12 of the FTOPS IX.

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