Cowboy week on Poker After Dark

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YYYEEEE HHHHAAAAA!!!!!! It is once again cowboy week on NBC’s Poker After Dark. The popular show that is seen through out the week nation wide is going to bring together some of the most well known poker players to play a freeze out game in which the winner will receive a nice $120,000 prize. The only stipulation for the match will be that each player must have a reputation of being a so called cowboy or at least be known for wearing a cowboy hat.

When you think of poker, you automatically have to think of cowboys. We have all seen the old western shows or movies were one lonely cowboy walks into a saloon and walks straight up to the bar, but one thing that you always see is a poker game going on and who you ask might be at that poker game. Well I do not know who would be at that poker game but when you walk up to the Poker After Dark bar to talk to the lovely Leeann Tweeden, you are going to see some of the great poker players alive and the first cowboy you will recognize is the “Godfather of Poker” Doyle “Texas Dolly” Brunson. How couldn’t he be the first player that you see, he is one of the most recognizable players in the game outside of Phil Hellmuth thats just because he thinks that if there is a camera then he needs to be the center of all the attention but thats what makes him fun to watch.

Some of the other players that will be putting up the ante of $20,000 to play against Doyle Brunson is going to be Jesus himself Chris Ferguson whom you will never see outside his bedroom or the dance floor without his signature cowboy hat on. A couple of other players that you will recognize is the host of “High Stakes Poker” Gabe Kaplan and the MIT whizz kid Andy Bloch. The player whom I think is the truest cowboy out of them all is Hoyt Corkins, because face it he is the only one that actually lives the cowboy lifestyle on his ranch with his many heads of cattle. Then the oddest cowboy out of them is Mr. Chau Giang and the reason why I say he is the oddest is because it looks like he took one of Doyle’s cowboy hats and put it on, it just does not look right on him and doesn’t fit. Either way this weeks Poker After Dark is going to be a bucking good time.

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