FIDPA Introduces Worldwide Rules for Poker Plan

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In this past week the Federation International de Poker Association (FIDPA) and the International Poker Rules (IP Rules) which are both run by professional poker players Marcel Luske and Michelle Lau have introduced a set of rules that they hope will be adopted by casino’s and card club’s around the world. The reason for this they wish to establish an international set of rules and standards by which poker rooms would stick to during cash games and tournament play. They wish to provide a consistency, clarity and fairness to everyone that follows tournament schedules or travels for a variety of poker games. The idea of this is to allow new players and existing players to go from one casino to the next or one country to the next and not be confused when the set of rules and stipulations do not match with the past poker room they attended.

The list of rules that was released in the report consists of 80 technical rules, policies and procedures that are meant to be used during tournament or cash game play. The current set of rules that are in place does not even come close to the list that the FIDPA and the IP Rules commission released. Currently poker rooms tend to follow a list of 40 rules that were put in place by the Tournament Directors Association. Even though these rules were introduced they are not meant to be stuck and tournament directors and card room management were told that these rules are fully modifiable as long as they are made aware to the players before a game is to be played.

The FIDPA has also said that they will promote any casino or card club worldwide that adopts the IP Rules and will help implement them into place. The first casino that is set to adopt the new set of rules is the Bellagio and the first tournament that will implement these rules is going to also be the Bellagio Cup IV and the World Poker Tour Main Event. The director of poker tournaments at the Bellagio has said that ” We have a large number of international poker players who compete in our tournaments on a regular basis. We Want to make sure they are comfortable with the rules and hope to maintain consistency in rulings worldwide.”

I can honestly say that with these new set of rules that will be set in place, poker is going to be more enjoyable because you will not have to worry about getting denied something just because you thought a rule would allow you something because of the card club you were just at but in fact the rule is different at the new card club so you are denied.

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  1. hackmann

    Big waste of time: no links, no rules, just some prefabricated press release without any actual information.

    Until the rules are actually posted, they don’t exist and all this is just a big waste of time

  2. shadygrady

    #1 is right – where are the rules?


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