Hard Rock Las Vegas Introducing Untraditional Poker Room

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The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino is known for thinking outside of the box, for being a trend setter and well known for not being just plain old boring and well they have done it again because in just a couple of weeks the Hard Rock is going to open up its new poker room. The poker room is not going to be like any old poker room like you would find at the Bellagio or Caeser’s or even your run of the mill local card club in other states. The Hard Rock’s poker room is going to be a mixture of a poker room and a nightclub. Yes that is true I said nightclub. You will no longer be hearing the clatter of chips being shuffled or pots being moved around the table, you will only be the loud music that is going to erupt from the speakers all around the room.

The poker room is going to be an 18-table room spread over a 7,000-square-foot area which will include a full service bar and lounge that will be decked out in the traditional Hard Rock way. For the friends that do not want to pull up a chair and sit behind someone playing in a game they are able to enjoy the comforts of the lounge area which will be fitted with ultra plush coaches and big screen tv’s that will show action going on at the tables or any show that you may want to watch. Another perk that the Hard Rock is going to introduce is they will have five completely private tables that will be roped off from the general public that anyone can rent out for a day/night. The private tables are said to be more available to cater to bachelor/bachelorette parties, celebrities and players that want to see what it feels like to be in the limelight.

The stakes that will be offered in the poker room will be about the same as any other casino on the strip with their low limit/no limit cash games like $2-$4, $4-$8 and $8-$16 for their limit games and $1-$2 and $2-$5 no limit games. They will also offer some mid and high stakes cash games such as $5-$10 no limit and $25-$50 no limit. Another aspect that the Hard Rock is going to introduce is some not so traditional poker tournaments where players could win a $5000 bar tab and cabana down by the pool and/or if there are any famous musicians that are in town players could win tickets to the show and vip greet passes as well.

When this new poker room opens up it is going to be interesting to how long it lasts for people wanting to play there. I can see this place being more of a tourist hot spot for those people that want to get the Las Vegas poker experience in yet also do the usual Las Vegas night scene. I do not see this place being a spot where a lot of pros will go to play just because of all the distractions, but it will be interesting to find out.

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