Thieves Clean Out Hoyt Corkins’s House

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Thieves broke into the home of professional poker player Hoyt Corkins to steal two cars and a motorcycle, $10,000 in cash, and other valuables including electronics and Hoyt Corkins’s World Series of Poker bracelets and his World Poker Tour bracelet.

Hoyt Corkins’s home in Las Vegas is located in a gated community and the thieves broke in, cutting a hole in a wall of the garage, while Corkins was away for most of a month. This caused Corkins to believe the thieves targeted him specifically because he was going to be away, giving them more than enough time to make off with their illicit gains.

Corkins has estimated his losses to be more than $100,000, with the greatest losses being his WSOP bracelets that he won in 1992 and 2007, due to their worth, both intrinsic and sentimental.

The thieves were extremely thorough, taking an entire safe with them and also using Corkins’s phone to get a credit card in Corkins’s name, adding identity to their laundry list of acquisitions. The thieves also made sure the police couldn’t take fingerprints as they sprayed whatever they touched with a substance that would prevent the lifting of fingerprints.

Hopefully the police can hunt down the thieves and return the stolen goods to Hoyt Corkins.

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