Toronto Poker Game Raided

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There once was a time when the game of poker was found in almost ever town with people gambling away money, horses or maybe sometimes wives. Well what happened to those days because in today’s world it is frowned upon heavily when you go and gamble your money away without the government knowing and the reason for that is because if you win the government wants its piece of the profit. Well no matter what most people don’t agree with that but the law is the law and we need to obey the law or we get punished or even raided just like some homes in Toronto, Ontario did this past week.

It was in Toronto where police had raided up to four “suspected gaming houses” that in the end resulted in the arrest and charging of over 50 willing participants. When police raided the homes they found that they in fact were not homes but businesses that disguised themselves to look like a private residence and three of the four were actually in industrial units and the fourth was actually a bar/grill called Gardens of Eden.

The charges that were filed are as follows:

9 people for keeping a common gaming house

36 adults being found in a common gaming house

2 juveniles being found in a common gaming house

When the raid was conducted  Toronto police Det. Emilio Dipoce said that the arrests just scratch the surface of an organized-crime poker operation that generates millions for operators. The investigation into these four properties had been going on for months before the “Organized Crime Section Illegal Gambling Unit” decided to go forward and raid the properties. When the raid was completed the unit netted over $12,000 in cash from just the players and they also confiscated tables, chips, chairs and other equipment that valued over $23,000.


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