World Poker Tour on the move again

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The current season of the World Poker Tour is not over and already it has been announced that the World Poker Tour will be leaving its current home of GSN (Game Show Network) and will be moving to FSN (Fox Sports Network). The news was made public on July 17th by the World Poker Tour Enterprises that at the conclusion of season 6, the World Poker Tour will be moving to FSN for season 7. When the show makes its move to FSN, it will not look any different from any other regular WPT broadcast. The show is going to still have the popular Mike Sexton and Vince Van Patten behind the microphones during the show.

When the World Poker Tour first got started in 2003 they never thought that the craze for the show would grow so big so fast and after 5 seasons on the Discovery Channel where they got their start, they decided to move the show to GSN to try and gain a bigger audience and well they succeeded but despite the strong ratings that they got from GSN, the network had a change of heart and wanted to find a new direction within the network so the World Poker Tour decided to go elsewhere and that’s when they decided to go with FSN.

So it will be interesting to see how well the World Poker Tour will do on FSN, even with all of the other poker shows that are aired on FSN. I see no competition with them on FSN but one thing you would have to think is, with FSN adding another poker show, does this mean that FSN will become more of a poker network rather then an all around sports caster. The first couple of episodes that will air on FSN will be the 2008 Bellagio Cup which just concluded not to long ago.

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