Heavyweights Join Forces

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It is official, Cardrunners and Stoxpoker have decided to merge together and will be forming one of the biggest and most elaborate training libraries available to date. The announcement didn’t really come to anyones surprise due to the fact that it has been rumored to be in the working for some time now.

During an interview with Cardrunners co-founder Taylor Caby, he went on record saying “We’re delighted to add breadth and depth to our poker training resources while delivering a decisive competitive advantage to more than 14,000 members, Members now have two separate platforms to choose from as well as a no-sign up fee option which many customers have requested. Whether you are new to poker or playing nose-bleed stakes, we’ll make sure you’re ready with the top resources behind you.” Also Nick “StoxTrader” Grudzien went on to say “Stoxpoker Coaches and Customers now have more resources behind them than ever before, Our merger with CardRunners will deliver more value to our customers and allow our coaches to spend even more time on what they do best – produce well communicated training content for small and Mid-stakes players in almost all games.”

Both sites will still deliver their highly sought out material with StoxPoker paying more attention to the small and mid stakes games while Cardrunners will stick with their material that focuses more on the high stakes and material for the more advanced players looking to move up in the stakes.

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