Hockey Player Mats Sundin Joins Team Poker Stars

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Hockey player Mats Sundin joined Team PokerStars as an international celebrity ambassador in a move that will make him an ambassador for poker just as he has been an ambassador of hockey. Sundin will play online at Poker Stars under his own name, MatsSundin, and will also participate in live tournaments when the opportunity presents itself. His first live appearance as a member of Team PokerStars will be in Barcelona next week for the European Poker Tour Event.

Mats Sundin has an impressive hockey resumé which includes being the first Swedish player to shoot 500 goals and earning seven medals, three in the Winter Olympics and four in the World Championships. The longtime Toronto Maple Leaf has also served as a team captain longer than any other non-American. Mats Sundin is currently a free agent and is debating where he wants to play and whether he wants to play at all, as at 37 years old he is near the end of his viable playing career.

In his statement Sundin said, “I have always enjoyed playing poker and partnering with PokerStars gives me the opportunity to challenge myself and explore the full potential of my game. I believe the fighting spirit I’ve developed as a hockey pro will really help me at the tables.”

Mats Sundin has been playing cards, and especially poker, since his entry into the NHL. Sundin donates to many charities and will donate any of his poker winnings to charity. Sundin also had this to say, “I am very proud to become an ambassador for Poker Stars. It means I will be more able to fulfill my personal ambition of working with charities around the world and I will be donating 100 percent of the money I earn playing poker to charity. For me, the combination of excitement and challenge in poker, plus the potential to support good causes is a win-win situation.”

Poker Stars is ecstatic about Sundin joining Team Poker Stars. Michael Holmberg, who is the Poker Stars regional marketing manager Nordics, had this to say, “Mats has gained worldwide recognition as a professional athlete, renowned for his dedication, focus and commitment which have earned him a place at the very top of his profession. This profile is very similar to the qualities we witness amongst the most successful poker pros on our site and tours. Mats is a charismatic leader and champion, one that we are tremendously proud to have represent Poker Stars as a brand ambassador.”

Now the world can watch as a hockey legend sees if he can also become a legend at the felt. With his donating his winnings to charity and his track record as a hockey star Mats Sundin is the type of poker player that you can’t help but to root for.

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